Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options do you offer?

We offer payments via Paxum and Wire transfer.

How often do you guys pay?

We will pay you each 20th of the month for the previous month (if the minimum payment amount is reached).

What is the minimum payment you will send me?

The minimum payment is:
For Paxum: $100.
For Wire: $500.

Do you have banners for me or do I need to create my own?

We will provide you with the banners of these general sizes: 300x100px, 300x250px, 160x600px. If you need banners in different dimensions, feel free to ask us.

Will I be able to see the sales with my affiliate?

Yes, indeed! You will have access to a dashboard with information about the sales with your affiliate.

What if the subscriber wants a refund? Will it effect my payment?

There are two options. 

1. If we pay you 35% revenue share and the subscriber wants a refund, it won’t effect your payment (unless it’s the yearly subscription).
2. If you are paid by subscribe (PPS) and the subscriber wants a refund, this will effect your payment and unfortunately, you won’t be paid for this member.

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